About Youfra Uganda

The Franciscan Youth (Youfra) is the fellowship of young people who feel called by the Holy Spirit to have an experience of Christian life, in fraternity, and in the light of the message of Francis of Assisi, deepening their vocation within the realm of the Secular Franciscan Order (SFO). They are inspired by the life of St Francis of Assisi in responding to their Christian calling and this inspiration allows them to respond to challenges of social justice, interreligious dialogue, values of Justice Peace and integrity of Creation.

In Uganda, the National Fraternity is referred to as the Young Franciscans of Uganda (Youfra) and they are to seek the living and acting person of Christ in the brothers and sisters, in Holy Scriptures, in the Church and in liturgical celebrations. Activities of Youfra in Uganda are decentralized to both regional and local fraternity level. On the region, Youfra is organized into regions of Kampala, Tororo, Jinja, Lira and Gulu and Mbarara. In all Youfra are currently present in 11 out of 19 catholic dioceses.

For example in this line Kampala region is divided into the Dioceses of Kampala, Kiyinda-Mityana, Kasana-Luwero, Masaka and Lugazi.

As bearers of peace and being aware that peace is to be built up without ceasing, we search for paths of unity and fraternal understanding through dialogue, trusting in the presence of the divine seed in everyone, and in the transforming power of love and forgiveness.

Our Mission:
Facilitating young people between the ages of 12 to 35 years old to deepen their faith practical witness to the gospel through word and deed.

Our Vision:
To see this world become a better and friendlier place to live in for all humanity.

• To encourage young people to live through word and deed.
• To help the young discover the value and joy of serving those in need and poor.
• To create a deeper Franciscan understanding of the problems around youth and vulnerable people and provide appropriate responses.
• To advocate for the rights of women, children and promote peace and justice, dialogue and conflict resolution.
• To build capacity of young people by providing relevant knowledge, information and skills


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